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Brand: Linsheng - AIR COMPRESSOR LS-AC1101
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
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1) Suitable for inflating bike tires, car tires and sports balls

2) Inflates average tires in 5-6 minutes

3) Built-in Pressure gauge meter

4) Compact

5) Low power consumption

6) Special flashing caution light function

7) High power and durable

8) Air pressure: max. 300PSI

9) Continuous usage time: up to 15 minutes

10) Accessories: 2 nozzle adapters and 1 sports needle

11) 10ft. DC 12V power cord

12) 1.2ft. high pressure air hose with quick release valve connector

13) Power supply: 12V cigarette lighter

14) Fill rate: 13ml/min


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