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Multilayer Sintered Filter Element
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Price: $80.00/piece
Brand: ZWEN
Min.Order: 1piece
Supply Amount: 10000piece
Delivery: Shipment within 15 days since the date of payment
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Multilayer Sintered Filter Element Feature

1. Multilayer Sintered Filter Element is made from different diameters stainless steel fibers

2. Multilayer Sintered Filter Element is sintered in a high temperature vacuum furnace. So stainless steel fiber will not shed

3. Multilayer Sintered Filter Element is a good filter media for depth filtration

4. Multilayer Sintered Filter Element has high dirt holding capacity because of three dimensional fiber structures

5. Multilayer Sintered Filter Element has a very high filter efficiency because of differential fiber layers density gradients

6. High porosity

7. High filter rating accuracy

8. High temperature resistance

9. High corrosion resistance

10. Pressure rise rate is slow in filtration process

11. Pressure loss is low in filtration process

12. High flow rate at low differential pressure

13. Washable and Cleanable

14. Reusable

15. Long service life

16. Easy to be pleated

17. Easy to be welded, fabricated

18. Easy to be cutted into different shapes, such as circular, sheet

Multilayer Sintered Filter Element Technical Parameter

Raw Material: SS 316L

Filter Rating: 1-300 Microns

Filter Efficiency: > 99.99 %

Operation Temperature: ≤ 816 ℃

Length: ≤ 1200 mm

Width: ≤ 1000 mm

Regular Size: 500 mm*500 mm,500 mm*1000 mm,1000 mm*1000 mm or others

Special Size: 1500 mm*900 mm

Thickness: 0.2-10 mm

Number of Layers:

1. One layer (Sintered Fiber Felt)

2. Two layers (One Side Protective Wire Mesh/Sintered Fiber Felt)

3. Two layers (One Side Protective Wire Mesh/Sintered Fiber Felt/One Side Protective Wire Mesh)


Polyester filtration, polymer filtration, high viscosity filtration, fuels and lubricants filtration, oil filtration, steam filtration, high temperature gas filtration, high temperature liquid filtration, steam filtration, potable and process water filtration, beverages filtration, detergent filtration, solvents filtration, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, chemical fiber industry, food industry

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