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CF5600 Servo Tank Gauge
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 Model: CF5600
CF5600 Intelligent Servo level gauge is a combination of site conditions of the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries, developed with independent intellectual property rights of a new generation of intelligent level measurement instruments. Because of this instrument in the measurement method and the traditional methods of measurement makes it totally different from the measurement accuracy is the world's all level measurement instrument can not be compared. Intelligent Servo level gauge can be installed through the top of the tank meets the requirements of a single or multiple measurements. The level gauge with my plant tank intelligent management system supporting the use of tanks in the region can be for all tank level, temperature, pressure and other centralized measurement, control, display and print reports, and according to the above the implementation of automated metering tank parameters and data upload, thus truly a "convenience", "intuitive." Modernized tank farm of intelligent management.
Scope: versatile measurement and standard output signals as well as the integration of lightweight design makes CF5600 Intelligent Servo level gauge can be widely used in various areas to be measured.
Chemical industry: in the field of chemical industry, a variety of anti-corrosion material shell of arbitrary choice, to meet the chemical industry in different media level, interface and other measurement requirements.
Food industry: in the beer and beverage industry, a large number of liquid products throughout the production process, an accurate measurement of the liquid level is directly related to the cost of production control and production management.
Power industry: fuel, accurate measurement of oil and large boiler water level is directly related to the production of safe and accurate management.
How it works:
 CF5600 Servo level gauge measurement is based on the principle of buoyancy balance and design. Fixed within the magnet wheel motor drive with precision-machined drum (ie outside the magnet wheel) to complete the magnetic coupling between. So that the drum and the drive motor is formed synchronously rotated, the meter housing is completely isolated from the magnet between the inner wheel and the drum (outer magnet wheel), so that the measured liquid chamber and the electrical part is completely isolated and meet explosion-proof requirements, uniform measurement wire neatly arranged on the drum. The float was sent to the tank by measuring the wire. When the tank level (interface or specific gravity) changes due to the weight of the float level varies with changes, changes in the weight of the float makes the drum (outer magnet wheel) is formed between the inner magnet wheel and coupling poor. After the signal is sent to the microprocessor to calculate judge to issue control instructions to the servo motor, making the tank with the liquid level of the float always changes. Thereby i.e. by measuring the rotation angle of the drum, after the liquid level height values calculated. When you need to measure the interface or specific gravity meter, you can simply set the Chinese menu. Schematic structure.

The main technical indicators:
measuring range: 0-32 m
Accuracy: ± 1mm
Indication Resolution: 1mm
Ambient temperature: -40 ~ + 55
Relative humidity: ≤95%
four-wire system: where two lines for the power connector thread M20 × 1.5
             Two lines for current output interface thread M20 × 1.5
Output: Analog 4-20mA DC
             Digital HART 1200 baud frequency shift keying (FSK)
Power supply voltage: 24V DC
Working pressure: <4.0MPa
medium temperature: <200 ºC
Material: Electronic chamber: aluminum
                   Wheel chamber: 316 stainless steel (according to user needs to provide)
Wetted: 316L (according to user requirements)
interface flange standard: HG20593-97 RF surface DN = 65mm PN = 1.6MPa
Explosion-proof grade: Exd IIC T6
Protection: IP67
related equipment: intrinsically safe places to be equipped with barrier
Level Accuracy ± 1mm;
Simultaneous measurement of liquid level, interface, specific gravity and the temperature of the tank;
debugging features without opening the cover;
automatic calibration function;
site display and remote functions;
liquid surface of the bubble and the emulsion layer does not affect the measurement accuracy;
tank bottom sediment does not affect the measurement accuracy;
can choose a variety of canister type of measurement;
parameter setting is simple, easy to set up Chinese menu and display;
liquid storage chamber and electronic measuring chamber completely isolated;
automatic compensation float weight:
      CF5600 by comparing the weight of the float and the preset value of the float in the air to check the weight of the float value if there is adhesion or corrosion. CF5600 can be set to periodically detect the weight of the float, the float weight deviation will be corrected and give an alarm or be recorded. Automatically compensates for the weight of the float to ensure the accuracy of the instrument under some requiring high precision in the workplace.
automatic wire length correction:
 When the float moves from level reference point (the instrument's internal machinery stopping point), it will automatically check the calibration. And automatically calibrated. This function can be pre-set time interval to be done manually or automatically. Automatic calibration wire length, to avoid the tank due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes such that the metal wire length change, so that the measurement accuracy of the meter is assured.
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